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Explore Our Design Styles & Options

IM offers over 2000 moulding styles (with over 12 million feet of inventory), and three full lines of matting choices (4 in some locations), to provide a nearly endless combination of design options for any home, business, or project environment.  Browse our moulding search feature by color, style, and/or size to zero-in on the look that is right for you and your client.  IM stands alone in the range of product choices available from a single source - at 19 locatons across the USA.


Our Extended Services Make Your Job Easier

When opportunities arise that are too much to handle - or you're just too busy to do the work - let us be your back-room!   Working with local businesses and organizations can be a nice part of your portfolio - and with a little effort you can build a new base of clients!  Create the demand, and we'll partner with you to fulfill it - a great way to grow your business - without doing all work.